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Genesis G70
My Tuxmat G70 AWD mats arrived today and I installed them with little issue. The look is fine and the quality of the mats, on initial inspection, represent a well made product. Fit was reasonable and the only minimal hardship was ensuring alignment was correct in addition to tucking the rear mat unit under the backseat.

I debated the Mat Metric option as I did appreciate the look (red stitching matching my interior) but ruled on the side of caution with respect to stitching wear on the driver side left foot rest. Could be a non-issue and look forward to some additional commentary as this winter season progresses.

If these suckers wear out in year or two I will be annoyed, but initial impression and fit align with cost.


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Genesis Model Type
Genesis G70
Is it me or does it feel like the TuxMat is absorbing more tire noise and the car feels a fraction quieter?
I installed a set on my wife's 2019 Sorento SXL and her car was already quiet as a bank vault before we put on the winter wheels. But now it seems like I don't hear the winter tires as much anymore!
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