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Vancouver owners - winter tire delivery delays


Vancouver, BC
Genesis Model Type
Genesis G70


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Canada West Coast
Genesis Model Type
Genesis G70
I ordered snows from Richmond Genesis/Hyundai Sept 20 and they came in Oct 1. The installation cost 40$ or so but you get the full service-pickup of your car at home and a loaner left. I got the F212 Switch wheels and Michelin x-ice. I have to learn to take corners slower now!


one of the few 6MTs...
West Coast Canada
Genesis Model Type
Genesis G70
i ordered mine when i closed my deal late August. Richmond dealer. they were delivered to my house late October but i think they were ready earlier than that. i got the Conti winters but not the ones i ordered. i ordered the Si from the website but got the high performance TS 850P SSR (run flat) at the same price - but these were not an option on the website so must have been an upgrade substitute. these are the Mercedes OE spec and say MOE on them.

the wheels were the 212 rims from FAST wheels in Titanium (grey) finish.

from what i can tell, the entire package comes from FAST. the way the tires were packed makes me think this. they shipped from QC direct to the dealer.

a question i have: can we use the wheel nuts from the regular Genesis summer wheels on these aftermarket FAST wheels? i assume so but thought i'd ask if others were having to buy an alternate set to fit the FAST rims...



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Edmonton, Canada
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Genesis G70
If it makes you feel better, here in Edmonton, in early Oct I was told late November and I had them in about 2 weeks. Hopefully their estimates are just on the very conservative side...
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