Want to know about hyundai


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Hello everybody

I like drive because it gave me much pleasure

I want to know about hyundai brand.

I like red colour car because it more attractive

Nos system is dangerous for drive.
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Captain Howdy

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NO2 is only dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.
I have ran/driven many N2O cars.
The fist thing you need to do is evaluate what your car is realistically capable of.
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What people need to realize it N20 HP is it's hp at 0 RPM or 6000+ RPM. If you push the 500 hp button at 2000 rpm you are asking a lot of your engine. That same 500 HP at 5,500 is a hell of a lot easier on the engine.
N20 works best between 3000 and 6500 RPM.
The worst thing about N20 is using a rev limiter box without a RPM window switch. This is what happens.. You launch and hit the button and you over rev,.. your N2O system is still pouring N2O and fuel into your engine, but your rev limiting spark box has cut the spark. Once your RPM's have came down to the spark box starts firing again your cylinders that are full of fuel and N2O Blow your engine to chunks of metal.
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