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Well....today was an interesting one


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Genesis G70
My G70 3.3T Sport is in Siberian Ice. Let me confess up front, this color wasn't my first choice. My heart was set on the Havana Red, however, I had to compromise and get what the dealer had in stock. The dealer had two 3.3T Sports, one was in Mallorca Blue with black/gray stitching and the other was the Siberian Ice with black/red stitching. Since my other car is practically the same color as the Mallorca Blue, I "settled" for the Siberian Ice, besides I really did prefer the red stitching over the gray stitching.

Ok, where am I going with this, you're probably wondering. Well, I consider the Siberian Ice to be so subdued that no one will even notice it, although I know there are several on this board that are enamored with the color. It seems I was wrong about that the color would not be noticed.

I parked the car at the end of the aisle when I went to the grocery store today, and when I came out of the store there were three people standing next to my car. I assumed they were just friends chatting, but when I approached my car one of the said, "So you're the owner of this beautiful car? We've been waiting here to see who the owner was." The three proceeded to go on and on about how much they loved the car, the color and the interior. There was a couple that, by their accent, were not native Americans. I would say they were from Switzerland, Germany or one of the Scandinavian countries. The third person was an employee of the store and a friend of the couple's. Interesting, they all knew about Genesis as a brand and the male foreigner even had a good idea how much it cost.

My other car, 2017 Mercedes SL, garners a lot of compliments. A lot! Every time I take it out, somebody says how beautiful it is. But I must say, I was really surprised by the response the G70 received. So, to sum up, it seems I was wrong about the Siberian Ice and it really is an eye catcher after all!


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Genesis G70
Great Story MarkBridge, its nice to have people appreciate the beauty of the G70. Oddly i'm working on a red Dynamic deal atm and I feel the White is the superior color but to each his own lol.
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