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What is this dealership forum for?

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I've been seeing a lot of people with strong opinions of Hyundai dealerships. The "Hyundai Genesis" ownership experience is "supposed" to be special. This area is for YOU to post messages describing your experiences. I hope this becomes a reliable place for perspective buyers to research dealerships before making purchases.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

But PLEASE.. Please start a NEW topic for each separate dealership experience. If you have input on a dealership already posted, please reply inside that discussion. On that note, please search the area to make sure no one has already posted a topic on the dealership you intend to.

Also.. Please use the Dealership Name as the subject of your discussion.

Thank you...
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I have had two Equus and now a Genesis 90. I use the dealerships in Torrance and mainly Carson, both in California. Obviously I like these cars. You simply get more for your money.
Haven owned top of the line Lexus and Mbz for more than two decades, before Hyundai/Genesis, I suppose I am spoiled with their more professional and elite service in comparison to Genesis. I hope this will improve over time. It's really about the values, professionalism and the personality of the person you deal with. Genesis could do better with the quality of people they hire. Never the less, I love my G90.
The best bang for your buck is Genesis G90 :)
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Still working with this dealer ship and so far had to go there 3 times since I paid for the car for paint work and they drove my car for 42 miles to get painted so we will see today how long and a loner that I get this time had a new tucson last time tried to give me a altima but turn it down we will see today and let you know what they do this time and let you know what dealer ship it was.