What Oil filter to use.


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
Which filter do you guys use? I tried to find a mobil 1 filter but dont think they make it for the genesis 3.8 due to rarity im guessing. All i can find is Fram and quaker state. Don't think they are very good. I've read that some people use OEM from the dealer.


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OEM is the safest and IMO the only kind that should be used. Some after market filters do not let the oil circulate properly. there are several threads on this in this forum. Why save less than 5 dollars and damage a $3000.00+ engine. The OEM filters are available online or or at local Hyundai dealers. As more new cars use a cartridge filter that has to fit perfectly and proper oil flow is critical then the need for using oem filters is necessary.
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