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What Rims and Offset is everyone running.


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Equus (2011-2016)
Good question, I would like to know also (2 years later)
Due to our struts, only rims that work are HPO offset. Super positive offset. Hub bore is 67.1mm similar to Lexus Infiniti and Toyota. I've bought 2 different sets of wheels and neither fit. I should've just went new instead of cutting cost and trying to go used. Now I have to buy small spacers and extended studs to ensure my fitment.


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+38 for front and I think +42 for rear. You definitely want staggered. You can do up to 22s without sacrificing smoothness on the ride depending on the rim make. Driving with my 22s I glide like your floating on air, you do feel bumps more but minimal. Best bet is to visit at-least 2 rim shops in your area, get an idea of what you want along with the specific offset for your year. Then you can price match online but all rims are not the same. The Equus while big body has big brakes etc so you want something that fits. I can seat 5 and no effect on ride or suspension with rims. I'll see what my specific offset was but I believe it was +38 and +42. not sure about 20s
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