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Wheels question - need help asap

ED 718

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I have a shot a getting some nice 20 inch wheels for my 2013 base model. However I have concerns about fitment issues and I am not sure if these will work. My buddy is turning in his lease TONIGHT and is giving my a silly deal on some Lexani CVX-44's

The wheels
20x9 front and 20x10.5 rear

The offset is my one of my concerns if they will work because my understanding is the stock are close to 35 correct me if I am wrong. The offsets on the Lexani's are 15 he claims but I am thinking this will not work or will it?

If they will fit would that offset make the wheels tucked in or tucked out. When it comes to wheels and fitments I am completely lost. The bolt pattern is the same however the center bore might be off a bit as these are mounted on a Nissan Maxima newer model. So I know I may need some hub rings.

Any help would be appreciated. I want to get a crack at these BEFORE he puts them up for sale.

Thanks in advance.

ED 718

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Besides that what would be a perfect offset for the Genny to shoot for if I want a nice flush stance.


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
The offset for the 17" wheels on a 2010 model is +38. When it comes to offsets you can use a few websites to do a comparison from stock to aftermarket. http://www.willtheyfit.com/ is a good one as well as http://www.fitmywheels.com/.

I would confirm the offset first. If it is +15 the rears will fit because that is what user Riouxx ran when he had his silver sedan on Vossens. He ran 20x9 +7 in the front. http://genesisowners.com/hyundai-genesis-forum/showthread.php?t=9585 pics on page two. Yours will be 8mm closer to the strut and 8mm in from the fender in the front.

User GarciaFactoryUS is running 20x11+0 in the rear with a 3/4" fender pull. No idea about the front. Keep in mind both of these guys are running air suspension.

Hope this helps.
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