Windows & door lock malfunction


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1G Genesis Coupe (2009-2016)
Mind you I am in the middle of Hurricane Florence. My gensis has the frameless windows, so when i open my doors the windows go down about 1/2 inch. Then goes back up 1/2 inch. Well now it wont go back up causing water to be able to get inside the vehicle.

When we lock the car with the key fob the same window (drivers side) goes up & down over & over in that 1/2 inch gap. The vehicle is registering an open door which it is no doors open & it wont go up. With this hurricane it is so frustrating.

Called genesis 800 number & since I'm secondary owner they now say all I have is powertrain when my vehicle doesn't even have 50k miles. I'm so pissed right now please help
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