Winter tire size?


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I have just purchased a 3.3 sport and am in the market for tires. The dealer is charging 2500 for tires and rims. I feel like I can find them cheaper if I did the leg work myself. Questions I have are what size tires, did you guys drop down to a 18 inch rims? I have read 225/45/18 works with the brembos? What should I budget for rims? How much are 18 inch steel rims as the cheapest option? Will I be approaching that 2500 dollar dealer price


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Good luck finding a 18" steel wheel that works with the Brembo brakes. I'd forget that "option."

Go to Tire Rack, select winter wheel tire package, 18" is what you want, 225/45R18 is the correct size.

Choose the tire you like(I chose Bridgestone WS90), choose the wheel you like, choose whether or not you want TPMS sensors. Tire Rack will ship straight to your door, mounted and balanced, with the correct hub centric rings if needed, and the correct lug nuts. That's the cheapest and easiest way.
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