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Genesis Forum: Bad Dealer Experience
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    Default Re: Bad Dealer Experience

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    South Point never has more that one or two G90's in stock, and never with the V8. My Equus needed its first oil change,
    so I called them to see if there was any bulletins, or recalls for the Equus, they did call me back, the Equus did not need
    any work, so I took it to local oil change place since nothing else was needed.

    I did not know the Equus takes 7.6 quarts of oil, must have a big oil pan.

    I do give them credit for calling back, and answering my questions. Looks like they have gotten better.

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    Road_Ghost is offline Hasn't posted much yet... What I drive: 1G Equus
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    Default Re: Bad Dealer Experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_888 View Post
    Have you ever thought about just getting your car washed instead of buying a new one every two years?
    That made me chuckle.

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