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Genesis Forum: What is Genesis?
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    Post What is Genesis?

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    Genesis is luxury evolved. It's the "new" luxury.

    Where luxury has ceased to advance - it's the point where luxury evolves. Luxury evolves from glamorous to refined, from tilted to balanced, from advanced to optimized. Beyond the boundaries of technology begins the human-centered luxury.

    The ten years of preparation. A technology focused on people, preparation traces back to the first generation Genesis model.

    Like its name Genesis that means the new beginning the Genesis is fully renewed from its bare skeleton. To create a powerful car with quick, flexible movements, only components of the highest-quality are assembled to perfect this car.

    The Genesis proved itself by achieving the highest "G grade" in all 29 categories of the 2014 IIHS Crash Test. The Genesis fully realizes human-focused safety technology.

    On the tracks of the Nurburgring, the so-called Green Hell, the Genesis not only challenges, competes and exceeds its competitors; it finds the optimal balance.

    Human Centered Luxury
    The Genesis considers what is best for the driver; it moves human lives forward. The Genesis will set new standards of luxury by connecting mobility and human life with cutting-edge technology.

    Human-Focused Innovation
    While evolving toward a meaningful experience for the customer, the Genesis focuses on creating a stress-free and seamless experience. It aims to fuse technology and man to ultimately produce true value.

    The Innovation - Innovative technology that focuses on creating real value for people
    Does it protect the driver? Is it convenient? Does it improve the driver's quality of life? Genesis aims for innovation with these three clear benchmarks.

    Genesis does not compromise in safety. With extensive amounts of AHSS used in the body structure Genesis protects and embraces the person with ease. Not only does the Genesis hold the world's best collision safety record if focuses its full capability on its intelligent safety technology.

    The interface is intuitively designed for drivers to see, hear and operate the functions more easily. From details such as button placement and touch responses to the HMI factor that encompass the car and drive, The Genesis fully realizes an ideal, stress-free convenience.

    To enrich all experiences with the car in every day life a platform will connect devices to various software. The human-focused innovation of the brand Genesis is perfected through its Smart Connectivity Technology.

    Refined Performance
    Genesis will not sacrifice the driver's comfort for a sporty driving performance. It will embody a swift movement, as if the car and driver are connected as one and at the same time provide a truly luxurious, comfortable ride.

    The Performance - Stable Driving Capacity
    Genesis moves at the driver's will in any situation and strives to maximize the pleasure of driving. On top of the existing comfort and dynamic pleasure, the Genesis will add improved steering control, quicker responses and smooth, stable control of the vehicle even at high speeds.

    Refined - Class Leading NVH
    The Genesis maintains an outstanding control of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), while creating a pleasant engine sound.

    Engaging Powertrain
    It accelerates smoothly and reacts instantly to the driver's will.

    Powerful, Linear Breaking
    A powerful, linear breaking system provides constant stability even at high-speeds.

    Timeless Quality
    Genesis pursues a durability that not only minimized technical problems, but also maintains the excellent quality of the newly purchased car.

    Performance - Dedicated Platform
    Genesis is equipped with a strong platform for rear-wheel drive layout.

    Dynamically Efficient Powertrain
    Genesis introduces an efficient powertrain while maintaining dynamic performance.

    HTRAC presents stable driving by accurately distributing driving power among the four tires depending on the road conditions.

    Precision Handling
    Genesis reacts immediately at the will of its driver allowing exceptional smoothness in steering.

    Athletic Elegance
    Genesis strives to achieve the beauty of innovation fully realized through its design. Genesis will provide deep satisfaction in every moment of the drive, from the excitement created through its power and precise control, to the bonding between the car and its driver.

    The Design - Athletic Elegance in Design
    Genesis strives to achieve athletic elegance, the beauty of innovation in its design. Like the moment when an athlete focuses his entire strength and spirit into the tip of an arrow, Genesis displays the breathtaking beauty of energy exploding through masterful control.

    Prestigious Proportion
    By focusing on the true nature of a car Genesis realizes ideal FR proportion through its own design language.

    Crest Grille
    Crest is a kind of signet passed down within a family. This Crest Grille is the signature of confidence and originality of the Genesis brand.

    Precise Craftsmanship
    The elaborate, refined details will keep the timeless value of Genesis design.

    Authentic Material
    To exclude unnecessary showiness and to focus on a deeper satisfaction, Genesis will expand the application of authentic materials. The sense of luxury derived from authentic materials will give drivers an emotional satisfying experience.

    Vision of Genesis Design
    In August of 2015, the concept car Vision G opened up a new path for Genesis design. Though grand and powerful strokes are used, the overall deliberate, modulated design echoes the core philosophy of the brand Genesis: Human-Centered Luxury".

    Designs for future Genesis brand models will be based on Athletic Elegance. With a design deeply emphatic to human emotions the Genesis will reflect the true value and essence of luxury cars.

    Hassle-Free Customer Experience
    For customers to experience convenient customer service at any wanted time and place, without any inconvenience, and for customers to feel they are respected and cared for Genesis will strive to fully realize a unique customer-tailored service exclusive to its brand.

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    Default Re: What is Genesis?

    Let's hope that when they "fuse technology to man" it won't be too painful. Most corporations put out platitudes like these. I'm sure many of them will even turn into real accomplishments. Some will just remain in the category of boardroom fantasies. During my corporate working life I saw many press releases, product announcements and mission statements like this. Employees often reached for their hip boots when they heard them. It's the nature of the competitive beast.
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    Genesis Motors is online now Genesis Motors Forum What I drive: 2G Genesis 3.8 V6 Sedan
    I live in Royal Palm Beach, Florida
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    Default Re: What is Genesis?

    Beautiful inside and out. I love both the exterior and interior...

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    Default Re: What is Genesis?

    To me "Genesis" means Hyundai is not F'n around anymore. They are poaching the best engineers from all the best car companies and are putting them to work to build the best cars the world has ever seen.
    "N" series will be the greatest cars built by any brand.

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    Default Re: What is Genesis?

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Howdy View Post
    "N" series will be the greatest cars built by any brand.
    You can't be serious.
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    Default Re: What is Genesis?

    Too bad they are still using dealerships from the 80's version of the Hyundai era or this brand would really take flight

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    Default Re: What is Genesis?

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    Good post

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