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Genesis Forum: Vibration/wobble at speeds above 40 mph
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    Default Re: Vibration/wobble at speeds above 40 mph

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    Glad to hear that your issue was solved!
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    Default Re: Vibration/wobble at speeds above 40 mph

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    I wanted to comment on this thread as I have had vibration problems with my 2017 G80-5.0 Ultimate since I took delivery in September 2016. I had the typical first 15-20 miles flat spot warm-up problem "square tire syndrome" (which I still do not accept as "normal" - not on a luxury car), but after the tires warmed up, I still had a vibration at all speeds that felt like (still feels like) there are a bunch of marbles in the tires. It's a slight vibration, I'll admit, but after 30 minutes on a smooth highway, it gets very annoying! On a brand new and perfectly smooth black asphalt highway, the car rides well - but still there is that slight vibration throughout the vehicle that feels like the tires are full of marbles. Genesis replaced all four tires at 1,200 miles, quoting excessive down force. They replaced the Conti Pro Contact TXs with the exact same tires, and for the first 500 miles, everything was fine. Then, the same problem came up again. I called Continental and they authorized replacing the already replaced Pro Contact TXs with the Extreme Contacts. These have thicker sidewalls, so the assumption was that this would dampen out the vibrations after the flat spot warm up period. With the tires inflated 4 lbs. less than spec, the problem seems better, but the marble-like vibrations continue. It seems that, after a few months (a few hundred miles) of flat spots - warm up - flat spots - warm up, etc., etc., etc., the tires change somehow, resulting in what feels like marbles in them in a slight, but very annoying vibration on smooth roads. This is just not the ride expected for a luxury automobile. I have been researching this issue for many months now, and have contacted engineers at Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and even Bentley. Almost every engineer I have spoken with had the same thing to say: "we would never recommend putting such low aspect ratio tires on a luxury vehicle weighing nearly 2 tons, especially given the width of these tires". The G80-5.0 Ultimate has P245/40R19s on the front and P275/35R19s on the rear. All the engineers I spoke with commented that it is likely the 275/35 tires on the rear which are causing the vibrations. These tires are too wide and too short (referring to the aspect ratio) for such a heavy vehicle. I have previously owned a 2010, a 2011, and a 2012 Genesis 4.6 Ultimate, and none of these vehicles had any of these issues, including the flat spot issues. All my previous Genesis vehicles were equipped with Continental Pro Contact TX tires, and they all had P235/50R18s. This puts much more rubber between the rim and the road, as well as much more air/nitrogen in the tires to spread the weight load of the vehicle when it is sitting idle, avoiding the flat spot issue entirely. Several engineers told me this, so it's not just my opinion. In 2014, one year before the Genesis redesign, the R-Spec came with P245/45R19 tires, and there were no reported problems with flat spots or vibrations. From all that I have read and researched (which is a tremendous amount over the past 10 months) the problems started in 2015 with the redesign and the switch to lower aspect ratio tires on both the front and the rear of the Genesis. According to all the engineers I have spoken with, putting a P275/35R19 on a vehicle weighing more than 3,500 pounds is simply asking for flat spots and other vibration issues. They recommended to me that I ask Genesis to replace the rear tires with P275/40R19s and the front tires with P245/45R19s OR P275/45R19s on the rear and P245/50R19s on the front. In fact, I read a post on this site several months ago, about a 2015 Genesis 5.0 owner who had this same problem and convinced the dealer to replace his tires with P275/45R19s on the rear and P245/50R19s on the front ... and his vibration problem (the same marble vibration problem I have) as well as the flat spot problems went away completely! So here's the rub: Genesis does not want to acknowledge that they screwed up with the 2015 redesign, putting tires on the vehicle that have too low an aspect ratio for the weight of the car and the width of the tires. If they acknowledged this, it would put them at risk for a forced recall/tire replacements on tens of thousands of cars. So, they won't acknowledge the problem formally and keep saying the vehicle performs to spec. I am currently attempting to reason with the factory reps to get my tires replaced with the correct sizes that will eliminate this ongoing problem, but they are being resistant. It looks like I may have to file a Lemon Law suit to get their attention. We'll see how this shakes out.

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