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Genesis Forum: Impressions on the G90 from the Auto Show
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    Default Impressions on the G90 from the Auto Show

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    I finally got the chance to check out the G90 in depth at my local San Diego auto show. They had two G90 models, one V6 and one V8. My 11 year old son and I arrived right when the show opened on the first day and went straight to the Hyundai/Genesis booth, so virtually no one was around and I was able to spend quite a bit of time inside the car.

    I really like the interior, they did a nice job with the materials, lighting and construction. I used to have a Lexus LS and I would say the materials are right up there with Lexus and even better in some cases as the LS is now an older design. Comfort in front and back is exceptional and there is just a ton of room. The main screen looks great with nice colors and resolution. I have seen some reviews that are critical of the plastic paddle shifters and I have to agree to an extent, since everything else is so high quality they should have done real aluminum paddles and interior door handles. Other than those minor issues I can't fault the car.

    I was also impressed with the exterior, the car certainly has a presence and although from the back it might be a bit boring, the side and front are stately and give off a high quality air. The LED accents in the headlights were really distinctive and well done. All the materials inside and even the paint seemed to be a notch above the G80 which was parked next to the 90.

    What I found almost more interesting than the car itself was the reaction of people to the brand and the cars that were on display. I noticed as the crowds built during the day there was a lot of interest in both the G90 and G80. Several times I walked by Lexus with no one looking at the LS while the G90 would have 6-7 people around it. Now granted the G90 is new and the LS is now an older model, but I thought that was telling. I overheard a number of people making positive comments as well.

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    Default Re: Impressions on the G90 from the Auto Show

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    Nice, San Diego, huh? I love San Diego... Thank you for the review of the G90! It really is a fascinating car. I do feel it's a step above the current Lexus LS - but that car is just about ready to move into a new generation. Honestly, it's been 'basically' the same car since 2006 (2007 model year). It's LOONG in the tooth. But still not bad for what it is... I'm sure Lexus is going to slap around the industry with their next version because they really need to make up for letting their flagship get so stale - especially in regards to the drivetrain. However, I'm sure it'll cost a VERY pretty penny. I really don't see them doing anything good 'enough' to be worth the amount of money they'll charge over the Genesis G90...

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