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Genesis Forum: LED fog lights with add a fuse
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    Default Re: LED fog lights with add a fuse

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryJM View Post
    I don't think that is correct, however, many states have regs/laws that do not allow fog light operation except in certain conditions and wiring them up to be on whenever the car/ignition is on will AFAIK be in violation of many state laws. Not sure of the legal ramifications of this, but one should be aware since it could subject you to certain liabilites in certain scenarios. Also, for states with annual safety inspections you might have problems depending on your state.

    I have mine wired up to work either as the stock system would with the stalk switch or totally independent of any stock lighting scenario. I also have an option for their operation at a reduced brightness.

    Thank you for your input. Can you please post the step by step procedure (with photo if possible) on how you did it for the wiring part and the switch with a reduced brightness? Thank you for your time.....

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    Default Re: LED fog lights with add a fuse

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    I don't have any step by step instructions and would hesitate to provide much detailed information because this mod IMO is not for the novice. It involves using a particular installation configuration determined set of power resistors that even needed in my case the addition of a heat sink due to heat and there can be a definite risk here if not done right. Basically I powered my fog lights from the power point wires in the center console and used two switches located in the forward storage area, one for the reduced intensity mode and a second for full intensity neither which depend on the factory circuits. I also have the stalk fog light switch installed so that I can operate them just like OEM system would. Currently I power the fog lights via the power point source via a relay where I simply use the stalk fog light switch to provide the coil power to the power relay in stock mode and then with my two additional switches can provide my two instensity modes. The reduced mode does require a second relay since there are resistors in the output for the reduced intensity. Below is my "switch box" and two additional pics showing the reduced intensity mode (bottom rocker switch) and the full intensity mode (the small "button" switch above the rocker switch). These pics were of my prototype switch, which I redid to clean up its appearance and make it more professional looking.

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