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Genesis Forum: Passenger side windshield wiper resting position
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    ckreisler1065 is offline Hasn't posted much yet... What I drive: 2G Genesis 3.8 V6 Ultimate
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    Default Passenger side windshield wiper resting position

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    Not really a major problem, more of an annoyance!!!

    I have a 2013 Genesis Sedan Tech Package.

    Since owning the vehicle, when you turn the windshield wipers off, they go down and hide from view. This past weekend, we had a pretty good snow storm, and snow/ice build up under the passenger wiper blade not allowing it to go all the way down. Figured, once the snow/ice melts, it will finally go back down into resting position. The snow is now gone, and the passenger side wiper won't go all the way back down anymore. I can push it down manually, and it will go to the correct position, so there are not any obstructions. The car for some reason just thinks this is the new position, being as the snow/ice wouldn't let it go all the way down. I have looked at the entire wiper arm, it is not bent, no obstructions. Anyone know of a way to get the wiper to go back down.

    Was wondering if I pushed the wiper all the way down, then disconnected the battery, if that would do it. Anyone ever experience this ?


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    PMCErnie is offline Registered Member What I drive: 1G Genesis 3.8 V6 Sedan
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    Default Re: Passenger side windshield wiper resting position

    Your profile says you drive a 2nd generation model ('15 or '16), but you say in your post that you own a '13, which is second iteration of the 1st generation. Got it?

    Your post implies that you do not know that your wipers can be automatically raised for cleaning, changing, etc. by pushing the wiper stalk to the top position immediately after turning off the ignition. You risk damaging the mechanism if you are pushing, or bending, them by hand. DUN DO DAT!
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    kn5owa is offline Supporting Member What I drive: 2G Genesis 5.0 V8
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    Default Re: Passenger side windshield wiper resting position

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    Before doing anything drastic - try cycling thru the usual sequence for parking the wipers vertically and then restoring them to rest position:

    1 With ignition off - push wiper stalk up for 4 secs. Wipers go up.

    2. Turn ignition to on position (but not engine), then give the wiper stalk a quick push up - Wipers go back to rest position.

    If one or both wipers don't go completely down - you got other problems - but it's worth a try.

    P.S. the engine need never be on to effect the above procedure.
    Drives '06 Sonata LX V6
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