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Genesis Forum: Would you buy one again...?
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    SNSN is offline Registered Member What I drive: Genesis 5.0 V8 R-Spec Sedan
    I live in NJ
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    Feb 2012
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    Default Would you buy one again...?

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    I've had my 2014 Equus for 3 years now and I'm trying to decide what to get next?
    My first Hyundai was the 2012 Genesis R Spec.
    I've enjoyed these cars, but I'm thinking if I want to go with a big car again?
    G90 is just too big for me now.
    Wondering if I'll like the G70?

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    L8RSK8R is offline Hasn't posted much yet... What I drive: Equus Signature
    I live in San Diego
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    Sep 2014
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    Default Re: Would you buy one again...?

    My 1st Equus (2014 model) is approaching 200K miles. I have 3 others (2015 & 2016's) all under 50K miles.
    Doubt I'd buy another Equus though, it'll be G90's next.

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    edward301 is offline Registered Member What I drive: Equus Ultimate
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    Mar 2015
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    Default Re: Would you buy one again...?

    Glad I saw this post, I had been looking to replace my 15 Equus for about 7 months now, and was looking at the G90, the Merc S550,
    and Caddi C6, but did not really like any of them enough to replace my Equus, so I bought another 2500HD diesel truck. It is
    amazing trucks have great trade in value.

    In looking at the G90 the dealers in Austin did not have much inventory, and still do not have much choice. Therefore I am keeping
    the Equus for a while longer, only has 8800 miles, and has been trouble free to date.

    Now that many of you have had your G90 for a while, are you still happy with it. Would you buy another.

    I am hoping that when I am ready to consider a G90 the selection is better, and maybe more options. I really like
    the air suspension, and want it. I do not drive my cars enough for the air suspension to act up while I have them.

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    mtmtmt is offline Hasn't posted much yet... What I drive: G90, Ultimate 5.0, Casablanca White, AWD
    I live in Northeast PA
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    Nov 2016
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    Default Re: Would you buy one again...?

    I would definitely purchase my G90 again. I have had no problems and don't anticipate any. I also have a Lincoln and can say I like the Genesis G90 much better. The fit and finish is superior, as is the smoothness of the ride and the materials used in the interior.

    One complaint unrelated to Genesis - while the low profile tires would work well on most roads, they don't handle the PA pothole-laden roads well. I have damaged one rim already.

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    Riley2323 is offline Been here awhile... What I drive: 2017 G90 Ultimate, Caspian Black
    I live in Connecticut
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    Nov 2016
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    Default Re: Would you buy one again...?

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    Come to NY and try I684 at 75 mph. Had to replace a tire only due to road hazard. Had to replace to on BMW in the last 6 months. Run flats. Not a Hyundai thing...just a US infrastructure thing, especially in the NE.

    I would buy this car again in a heart beat.

    Favorite car ever. My 6th car.


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