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Genesis Forum: FOB Issues??
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Thread: FOB Issues??

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    Default FOB Issues??

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    Help please. 2012 3.8 Tech Package. Something funky has been happening with my FOB:

    Double clicking the unlock button on the FOB blinks the marker lights, unlocks the doors, opens the side mirrors and makes a double beeping sound but it no longer turns the headlights on for the 10 seconds that it normally would (yes, the lights are in the auto position inside the car - as always).

    Also, doing the same with lock button only locks the doors and folds the side mirrors in. It no longer beeps nor does it make the marker lights blink. I've also noticed that when the fob is near the locked car at night, the puddle lights no longer illuminate.


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    Default Re: FOB Issues??

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    Try the other FOB to ensure that the problem is with the car. If so, take it to the dealer. If it's the car, it's probably a CANBUS controller and more vital or safety oriented stuff may also be failing to work properly (for example, the turn signal flashing the lights on the mirrors, etc.).

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