Hello Genesis gurus,

I have a 2009 Genesis sedan, 3.8 with Tech package. Vehicle is out of warranty.
I have had several electrical/electronics issues with this.
A few weeks back, one of the rear parking sensors wasn't working. I would hear 3 short beeps on styartup and flashing signs on the dash until the vehicle was over 5km/h speed. Then the back up camera stopped working and to save money (since vehicle was out of warranty), my friend helped me to uninstall the camera to look for identical OEM parts and the vehicle was without camera for few days. During that time, the parking sensors didn't work at all. On startup, I would see all parking sensors arcs come on and then disappear but the sensors didn't work. I thought, it was due to circuit not being complete because camera was removed.
Today, after several days of quest, I ended up ordering genuine Hyundai camera and got it installed. I thought my parking sensors would come back but alas, they didn't. There was a code and it was then reset by my mechanic. The relay seems to be working fine as the self-diagnostic on startup does shoo all the sensors and then it disappears and I don't get any beeps whatsoever. The Parking sensor button to the left of the driving wheel is ON, so I know it is not that case.
I have also tried to reset the components by going into HU but I only see resets for Radio, Tuner etc.
Have you seen this behaviour before? Did we miss anything when installing the camera? BTW, the camera is working flawlessly.

Appreciate your help.