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Genesis Forum: Genesis stand alone dealership
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    volnedan is offline Registered Member What I drive: 2G Genesis 3.8 V6 Sedan
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    Default Genesis stand alone dealership

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    I know there has been talk of Hyundai building stand alone Genesis dealerships, but today is the first I've seen in person. Well, it's under construction, but the Hyundai dealer where I'm getting service is using the defunct Saab building next door. For this dealer it's a perfect fit because the Saab building went through a huge renovation right before the GM bankruptcy, then it sat unused for all these years.

    Normally I don't wait while my cars are getting serviced, but the lounge here isn't bad and I can work remotely. However, it will give the new Genesis owners a better feeling to have a separate area than to share with Hyundai/Subaru/Chrysler folks at this dealership.

    I'd post a picture, but no signage is up yet. Next time I drive past I will take a pic.
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    Mark_888 is online now Registered Member What I drive: 1G Genesis 3.8 V6 Sedan
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    Default Re: Genesis stand alone dealership

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    Keep in mind that Hyundai does not build dealerships, as auto manufacturers are prohibited from owning dealerships in almost every USA state. Individual entrepreneurs or private corporations (AutoNation, etc) build dealerships with money they invest. Sometimes, a manufacturer will provide some incentives and/or financing to assist a dealership for a new brand like Genesis, but the dealerships are run as a separate business, and any loans have to be paid back. Anyone interested in owning a Genesis dealership who has (or can borrow) several million dollars (minimum, maybe more), should contact Genesis Motors USA.


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