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My car is a lease - I'm stuck with it for almost 2 more years. I would love to be rid of this thing, as it gets worse every day. I have contacted Hyundai more times than I want to recall, their last word was "this is normal", both from the dealership and form the Hyundai corporate representative. If they are willing to make my car drivable, I will shut up - hell, I'll even sing their praises. So far all they do is try to leave me with a $50,000 "luxury car" that wobbles around the streets of Texas worse than the $15,000 loaner car they gave when for a month when they attempted to "fix" my issues.
I'm not sure what the lemon laws are in TX but I know in CA there is no difference at all between a lease and purchase--a lemon is a lemon so to speak. My car is also a lease and I had spoken to a lemon law attorney when my instrument cluster failed at only two months and 1,700 miles and I was paranoid I was stuck with a lemon. Whether you have a lease or not, Hyundai has to make you whole if the car is deemed a lemon which in California at least it is if out of service for 30 days or more.

Thankfully, after a few "teething" problems I've had no more issues and I really love this car. I may still turn it in at the end of my lease but it will be bittersweet as this car checks most of the boxes I need.

At the end of the day life is short, if the car causes you that much frustration I highly recommend speaking to an attorney about your options and simply moving on.