I was at the NY Auto Show yesterday. The GV80 was quite attractive and in production form would seem a competitive offering. Crossovers are the future. I'm among those that will never be purchasing another sedan. To become a successful independent auto brand Genesis needs at least a full size and mid size crossover. A compact crossover would also be helpful and add to sales. Coupes are a waste of time and can only serve as a "halo" but produce few sales. The G80 is long in the tooth and is thankfully nearing the end of its life cycle.

In powertrains the Genesis really needs a TT 4cy engine in the 270 - 280 hp range to replace the 3.8 V6. Of course, that's just my personal opinion.

One added note, Hyundai again showed its concern for its customers by providing an owners lounge. All you needed to do was show a Hyundai key or owners registration card for admittance. A nice place, beautifully set out, complete with refreshments. Thank you Hyundai.