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Thread: G70 to be shorter, lighter and maybe more powerful than the Stinger

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    Default G70 to be shorter, lighter and maybe more powerful than the Stinger

    In its highest state of tune, the Korean-built rear-drive luxury sedan is expected to accelerate to 100km/h in around 4.7 seconds, thanks to its 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6, which should be good for at least 270kW and 510Nm – a similar output to the Kia Stinger GT.

    “The Genesis G70 and [Kia] Stinger represent different design philosophies and positions in the market,” Guido Schenken, Hyundai Australia’s PR manager told

    “The Stinger is a five door touring sedan with a hatch, while the G70 is a pure sports sedan.

    “The G70 is shorter, narrower and lighter than Stinger as well as having a shorter wheelbase, hence it’s reasonable to assume it’ll offer better performance,” he told

    The 3.3TT in the G70 may get a few more ponies than in the Stinger GT, but hasn't been confirmed.

    Not surprised that the G70 is shorter - as it looked shorter to my eye in the spy-shots.

    Lighter probably means that Hyundai is using more light-weight materials (such as aluminum) in the G70 than Kia has for the Stinger.

    And let's not forget that Genesis will be getting its own performance line with the G70 likely being the first candidate to get the performance tune (thinking that the G80 and G90 won't see that until the next gen models).

    Man, it's going to be a difficult choice btwn the 2.

    The G70 will be sportier (and lighter) and probably more luxurious.

    The Stinger will have more rear passenger room, the utility of a fastback/liftback and will be priced less.

    Like the greenhouse and rear of the Stinger better, but like the front-end of the G70 more so than on the Stinger.

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    Default Re: G70 to be shorter, lighter and maybe more powerful than the Stinger

    That is interesting, looks like they chopped some of the body on the g70 compared to the stinger. Also, the stinger is a hatch so maybe is has more bracing and steel to keep the rigidity up compared to the traditional sedan that is the G70?

    I am surprised the G70 was not revealed at the NYC auto show as it is one of the last big shows of the season. Wonder when they will release this car?


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