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Genesis Forum: 2017 Elantra Sport
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    Default 2017 Elantra Sport

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    Has any current Genesis/G80 owners driven the new Elantra Sport? The redesign looks like a mini-Genesis, and now that the Sport model has a decent engine and independent rear suspension, it drives better or on par with the competition. There are no Sport models within 50 miles of where I live, but I was curious if a current owner could comment on the interior build quality/materials in comparison with our cars.

    I'm sure the plastic bits and touch points are much cheaper since it costs half the price, but would like to hear opinions.
    2016 Genesis AWD

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    Default Re: 2017 Elantra Sport

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    Haven't driven the Elantra Sport but all the reviews have been positive (some, glowing).

    At the very least, gives somewhat of an indication of what Hyundai can do w/ the G80 Sport and better yet, the G70.


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