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Mobil is currently hyping an "annual protection" oil.

Any views on that vs. the "EP" product - which I think you said you used?
Given that the price of the Mobil 1 Annual Protection oil is almost twice that of Mobil 1 EP (for 5-quart jugs), I would have to assume that it contains only Group IV and V components (most other Mobil 1 versions have between 35%-65% Group III base stock, and rest Group IV and V), but I have no way of verifying that at this time. But even so, I am somewhat perplexed by the huge increase in price of the AP version.

Given that I now only drive about 3,000 miles per year, and have to change my oil once per year to comply with the warranty, I will stick with Mobil 1 EP at $26 per 5-quart container at Walmart (not counting the $12 mail-in rebate I sent in).