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Genesis Forum: 5.1 Sound From Lexicon
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    Default 5.1 Sound From Lexicon

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    Has anyone had any luck with playing 5.1 music on their Lexicon God model stereo?

    I have tried and find it pretty complicated to say the least.

    My efforts thus far were to:

    1. Download 5.1 music. Check

    2. Get it in a format that works with the jukebox....OMG this is more difficult than you would think.
    Supported Audio File Specification
    • SamplingFrequency:32-48KHz(MP3),8-96KHz(WMA) • BitRate:8-768kbit/s(WMA)
    • Version:Anyversion(WMA)
    • SupportedFileFormats:“.mp3”/“.wma”
    Supported Image File Specification
    • SupportedFileFormats:“.bmp”,“.jpg”,“.gif”,“.png”,“ .tif”
    • Some formats may not be supported depending on the
    portable disk drive state or storage method.

    Supported DivX File Speci cation
    • SupportedResolutions:HDDivX les(NonDRMonly)andnon- DivX les.
    • FrameRate:under30fps
    • Ifvideo/voicedatastructurearenotinterleaved,thenonlythe
    sound or video (not both) may operate.
    • SupportedFileFormats:“.avi”,“.mpg”,“.mpeg”,“.mp4”, "mkv" • SupportedSubtitleFormats:“.smi”
    • Supported Audio Formats: “PCM”, “MP3”, “WMA”, “WAV”
    • Sampling Frequency: 32 - 48 kHz (MP3), 32 - 48 kHz (WMA)
    • Bit Rate: 32 - 320 kbps (MP3), 40 - 192 kbps (WMA)


    The big hang up is what version do you put the music.

    I download the songs from the link above. They were in AAC format. So I figured I would just need to convert the file.

    MP3 does not seem to support 5.1. WMA pro does not seem to support 5.1, but WMA pro does.

    I converted the file to MP4 with various formats, but it is difficult to tell if 5.1 is coming through.

    I have download 5.1 test files from the web and the sounds seem to match in the car with the included video.

    Has anyone else gone down this road? Also if your MP4s don't have video they will not transfer to the video portion of the Jukebox, nor will they transfer to the Audio portion of the jukebox.

    So the question is can anyone verify that they have gotten 5.1 music playing on their g90 stereo?

    Forgot to mention, the MP4 files play via USB.

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    Default Re: 5.1 Sound From Lexicon

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    Most people play true 5.1 using a disc recorded in DVD-A format. I have no idea if there is some way to burn your own DVD-A discs using downloaded music.


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