(Advance warning! This is a LONG post, but I thought I'd give you all the gory details!)

I just purchased a new Genesis Coupe from Reliable in Springfield, MO -- and I have both good and bad to report about them.

First off, I wasn't happy at all with their window sticker prices. Except for a couple lower-priced Hyundais on "Manager's Special", everything seemed to have close to $2000 of "regional markup" added on top of the MSRP on them!

They're also the type of car dealership that runs in the traditional manner, as opposed to a "no hassle / no haggle" type of place. EG. The minute I stepped foot on their lot and started walking up to a car, a salesman rushed out to talk to me and begged me to "step inside" to talk to him. They're also well-versed in the usual "tactics" salespeople use. (As soon as you answer a question about the amount you're willing to pay, they ask "Up to?", looking for you to add another $50 or so to whatever you said, so they can write THAT number down. Things like that ....)

The *only* reason I tolerated all of this was because I've already looked at the Hyundai dealerships in St. Louis (where I actually live) and none of them had exactly what I wanted. (I test drove a black Genesis Coupe at one place, only to find it wasn't driving quite right... Kept lurching from a stop and then quickly hit "dead spots" in the acceleration. So passed on that one right away.) I happned to be in the Springfield area on business for a couple days, and discovered they had what I wanted....

So anyway, I was able to test drive the Genesis I wanted, liked it, and proceeded with the haggling process. Finally got them down to a sensible price (all that "regional markup" taken off, etc.) -- and there, I ran into the NEXT headache!

Despite having just applied for a loan with Capital One Auto Financing online and getting approved (for a 5.9% interest rate on a 72 month term loan), and despite Reliable Hyundai supposedly being listed as a dealer Capital One works with -- they told me they weren't able to finance me with them unless I put at least $5000 down first!

Then they proceeded to make me wait around the place the ENTIRE afternoon, while they ran my credit with a whole slew of misc. banks that turned me down. At one point, they even suggested I consider a 79 month loan, buying an extended warranty and gap insurance, to "reduce the loan risk enough so a small credit union we work with would consider giving you a loan"!

Meanwhile, I called Capital One Auto myself to see what was going on -- and was informed that no, I was still "pre-approved" for the original loan and terms I received online, but I "had to fax over a W2, my H.R. department's phone number, and a recent paycheck stub" (none of which I had with me out in Springfield!), *and* I had to wait for them to mail me a blank check to take back into the dealership to use as payment. They admitted that "doing it any other way means they may not be able to give me the same terms as I'd get following all those steps online, myself".

Ugh! I knew I wasn't coming hundreds of miles back to this place again ... and I'd already wasted a day at this place! I was JUST about to walk out when their general manager came out to talk with me. Suddenly, they "found" some financing for me without resorting to the crazy 79 month loan idea, etc. etc. The interest rate still sucked, but I was able to offset some of it with the bi-monthly payment plan they offered (you pay half your car payment every 2 weeks via automatic withdrawal, and wind up making 13 payments every 12 months that way).

So what is the GOOD part to all of this? Well, once they got the loan rolling, they suddenly got all friendly and accommodating again. They seemed to be really concerned about a phone survey I might receive from Hyundai, and wanted to be sure I rated them a "10" and nothing less. A "customer care" lady met with me and gave me a free thermos mug, begged me to call if I had any issues whatsoever, etc. My salesman went out and bought me some dinner. They even did most of the work cleaning my stuff out of my old car, digging under the seats and everything, to get it all moved to the new car. I was promised free oil changes too, if I ever came back by.

Loving the car so far, too....