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Genesis Forum: Bent Rim - Looking for a stock rim
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    aircanuck is offline Hasn't posted much yet... What I drive: 2G Genesis Sedan
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    Default Bent Rim - Looking for a stock rim

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    Been having problems with a vibration, got an alignment done, it helped, but now they're telling me I've got a rim that is bent on the inside. Moved the tire around and the vibration goes from the steering wheel to my seat when the tire goes to the back of the car. I got the cpo with 12000 miles on it, I've probably done 500 miles. No clue where this bent rim business has come from. Are they that sensitive??

    Does anyone have any advice on where to find a single rim for a 2015-2017 Genesis? My guess is it will be 1000 bucks from the dealer.

    This guy here is what I am looking for

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    Default Re: Bent Rim - Looking for a stock rim

    I'd want to see the bend in the wheel myself, otherwise I put my money on a bad tire.

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    Default Re: Bent Rim - Looking for a stock rim

    First of all, you are correct: OEM rims are like $950 USD or so. As for buying one, you can watch the "for sale" forum. You could also keep an eye on eBay. If you didn't want to wait, you could try to have the rim repaired. In the US this would cost you about $150 and no guarantee of success, but it's worth a shot. I know nothing about this particular place (so try at your own risk), but it came up from Mr Google and Hamilton isn't too far from Niagara. It couldn't hurt to call.
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    Mark_888 is online now Registered Member What I drive: 1G Genesis 3.8 V6 Sedan
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    Default Re: Bent Rim - Looking for a stock rim

    There are online junkyards that sell them at a reasonable price and will ship them to you. They usually come from totaled cars.

    But I believe this is your wheel, and it costs $409 USD new online. Shipping will be expensive, so look for another online parts site if you live far away from Florida.

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    jimmy buoy is offline Getting familiar with the group... What I drive: Genesis 5.0 H-Track Ultimate
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    Default Re: Bent Rim - Looking for a stock rim

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    Or, check out this outfit... Looks like they may be able to true your existing wheel back to spec - and they're based out of Toronto.


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