The front-end grips really well (Michelin Pilot Super Sports on 225/40/19 front, 255/35/19 rear - Australian cars set to wear Continentals) and the inherent balance of the car is very much like a new BMW 5 Series than anything Kia has ever made before.

The BMW connection to the Stinger could be felt through the solid steering system, which, although a tad lighter than we probably wanted (especially in Sport mode), provided good communication and feedback from the front wheels even when things got hairy.
Not surprised w/ the familiarity of feel w/ the new 5 Series due to the connection w/ former M division head, Albert Biermann, and the Stinger being more similar in size and weight to the 5 Series (than the 3 Series).

The switch to AWD was disappointing, because it was ultimately a better car. Despite weighing an extra ~50kg and showing more hints of understeer, it took the RWD’s surefootedness one step further, allowing for earlier acceleration out of the fast corners and a general sensation of confidence that its lighter brother couldn’t match.

Bodes well for the G70 - which according to Hyundai will be sportier than the Stinger (in part due to being smaller and lighter).