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Genesis Forum: G90 on Long Road Trip
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    Default G90 on Long Road Trip

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    This is my first post on the G90 Forum. I recently completed a 5,600 mile road trip covering 21 states and prefectures between northern Quebec and Texas. With the Lexus LS that I have previously used for such trips I was always confident of its reliability. With my new Genesis G90 (3.3TT) with only 1,700 miles on it at the start I had some trepidation about such a long trip in a new, unproven car. Iím pleased to report that there were NO problems with the G90. It was a dream to drive. I was especially pleased with the adaptive cruise control which I used whenever possible. Some features, such as self-closing doors and smart trunk, which I thought might be of little use turned out to be real assets especially when loading the car after numerous overnight stays. The gas mileage was 26 MPG for the overall trip that included U.S. Interstate highways, two-lane U.S. and Canadian national highways, back roads, and considerable city driving, e.g., in Minneapolis and Manhattan. Prior to the trip I studied the rather less-than-comprehensive navigation system manual. Yet it was on the trip, when I used it extensively, that I learned how to take advantage of the navigation systemís features. If you have been watching this site as I did when considering a G90 then rest assured that based on this personís experience it is reliable, comfortable and surprisingly fun-to-drive vehicle.

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    Default Re: G90 on Long Road Trip

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    Glad you enjoyed your trip. G90 is a fine car and great cruiser.
    If I may ask, what model year LS you had and how does it compare to the G90?


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