I have a 2018 G80 Basic package. There are so many apps to available for the a Genesis, which are the best to use abs what is,the purpose of Android Auto?

Which does the remote car start, I'm in South FL, so I need that one. I'm not wild about Genesis navigation. Some of the choices so far haven't been great. You can't tell it to find something while driving, at least I haven't figured that out other than points of interest which don't always have what you need, like BJ's. Costco seems to work but not BJ's.

Seems like you need addresses and that doesn't work in a big shopping mall where there is one address. It doesn't tell your OTA which I can do myself by adding but it would be nice to have that. I don't like when it switches to night time view at night, can that be reversed with a command?

I'm not sure how to update Navigation and how often that happens. I believe it has something to do with Blue Link but I don't even know what that does. There is a Genesis app, there is a blue link app, there is Android auto and others. I don't feel like getting some kind of way to mount my phone in my new car, if I did that I wouldn't need navigation because Google Maps is great. Except it doesn't lower the radio, drains the battery, makes using the phone uncomfortable in the middle of navigation, and it's not necessarily stable. So maybe it's not so great and that's why I wanted navigation, which I did not get on my 2013 Genesis because I didn't want a sunroof to leave open in Florida downpours.

So, which apps do I need?