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Genesis Forum: 2017 or 2018 G90
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    edward301 is offline Registered Member What I drive: Equus Ultimate
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    Default 2017 or 2018 G90

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    I have started looking a G90's again, as I want to replace my 15 Equus Ultimate.

    Both dealers here have no inventory just a few 3.3T models, and I want the 5.0,
    both dealers also have quite a few 2017's which surprise me this late in the year,
    and are not offering much discount for old models.

    Is the 3.3T quick enough to closely match the 5.0? Can you get the 3.3 with all
    the same features as the 5.0 Ultimate.

    Should I go with the 2018, or get the 2017 if discounts get better. I have also
    looked on the internet, and it is flooded with many 2017 models, many priced
    very cheap with only 800 to 3,000 miles. I would go for one of these, because
    the discount is so good.

    As a last resort, I could just keep my 2015, it only has 14k miles, and still has
    never been to the shop. Are the G90's holding up well?

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    EdP is offline Sustaining Member What I drive: G80 AWD Ultimate Adriatic Blue
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    Default Re: 2017 or 2018 G90

    At 14,000 miles you have no rush. Sounds like you really want the 5.0 so it is probably worth the wait. Unless the deal is really good, I'd wait and go up another model year. Sure the 2017 is a nice car but if you buy this month once the new model hits the showroom yours will be a year old. I just went from a 2015 to 2018 G80. From a practical standpoint I cannot justify it but I wanted it.

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    Gene2 is offline Hasn't posted much yet... What I drive: 2018 Genesis G90 ultimate
    I live in Glendale,AZ
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    Default Re: 2017 or 2018 G90

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    I went from a 2015 KIA K900 ( which is the equus sister car also the G80 is an updated same car) to the Genesis G90 5.0 RWD. Love it,
    drives so much better than the K900. One big difference between the 3.3T and the 5.0 is (what I see) you have to have the 5.0 to get
    reclining rear seats, and the rear seat entertainment screens. Keep in mind you can't play games on the infotainment system. The dvd/cd
    player is in the glove box, can watch movies in the rear. See the nav. screen, change the radio, and do almost any thing the front nav.
    does from the rear. The front can also lock out the rear controls.
    The difference in the drive modes are a lot better than in the K900. with the lane keep it stays nice and straight on the highway.
    love the google search feature.
    I tried the G90 3.3T and it didn't have everything we wanted. 0-60 is about the same times on 5.0 and 3.3T , but then the 5.0 has more
    oomph. When we looked they were not giving big discounts on the 2017 over what we got on the 2018. Couldn't get the colors we wanted
    in the 2017. We live in Glendale, AZ so wanted the beige interior, and wife has burnt legs on a black seat here. Wanted a light silver or
    white car because of the sun in the summer.
    Couldn't find what we wanted even in the 2018 so asked the dealer. he found a white with beige interior G90 5.0 RWD and had it there in
    one day. dealers were just getting them in and they trade cars with each other here. Try telling a dealer what you want and they may find
    it for you. Google didn't have the car listed yet as it had just arrived in area.
    3.3T gets maybe 2 more miles per gallon in city but maybe 1 on the highway. not one problem with the car. there are a couple of things
    I would have liked to see on the car but nothing major.
    Try driving one of each to see what you like, then get what you want not just what they have. You will be happy you did. Luck and don't settle
    The dealer will kiss your butt to get what you want.


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