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Genesis Forum: iPhone 6 iOS 11
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Thread: iPhone 6 iOS 11

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    Question iPhone 6 iOS 11

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    Since the release of iOS 11 and all subsequent releases thereafter (11.0.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.3, 11.1, 11.1.1), I have been having some annoying issues with my iPhone 6 and Siri integration with my 2015 Genesis.

    First, and most annoyingly, my music will only play properly over USB if I restart my phone after I plug it in. If I do not do this, the first song on my phone starts to play (the screen shows unknown for all information and no audio controls work. The progress bar also shows 0 and doesn't progress.) and then after 5-10 seconds, it just restarts the song over and over again. On the iPhone itself, the audio controls pop up and disappear accordingly to the audio stopping and restarting. I have tried a different iPhone cable (both OEM and monoprice aftermarket) and it didn't have an effect. After a restart of the iPhone, normal operation resumes. This does not happen on any other device I connect with a USB cable, including my iHome alarm clock and the girlfriends CRV.

    Secondly, Siri in Car refuses to read my text messages unless I unlock my iPhone. She says "You'd need to unlock your iPhone first, but I don't recommend doing that while driving". I have disabled the 'Do not disturb while driving' feature by setting it to manual, but this is still occurring. It seems to me having to unlock the iPhone to have Siri read my texts is counter intuitive.

    Is anyone else seeing any issues like this? Searching the forum I've seen some other wonky stuff, but nothing like this, so figured I'd start a thread. Thanks very much.

    P.S. I've got an iPhone X on the way and it'd be a real shame if this issue persisted even with the newer phone. Hope my 6 is just bugging out due to age.


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    Default Re: iPhone 6 iOS 11

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    I also have an iPhone 6.
    I have had that "unlock first" a couple of times. I just unlock my phone with my thumbprint prior to connecting the USB, and no issues once I've done that.
    I have not had the Bluetooth issues. Try deleting the bluetooth pairing from both the car and the phone, and start fresh. That may solve that problem.
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