Hello group, got a question about the recent Map Update version 11.5 that's bugging me. So being the, "Gotta have the new update" type of guy I purchased the new update that requires you to buy the new SD card...that's another story in it self due to the price...but I did. Fast forward so needless to say having trouble with it . I spent sometime with the people who I ordered it from , back and forth emails to no avail. From all the discussions on me saying, "its still not working" and them saying, "did you do this or this," and nothing, they techs said my update was successful, even though I'm not seeing none of the tweeks they say should be there. They even went as far as saying even though my MAP version still says the same as my previous map version, it was successful. So has anyone with a 2015-16 Genesis 5.0 jog/Dial done the update and does your system say the new version or old still?