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Sorry about your experience. I can tell you that the most common cause of warped rotors is lug nuts tightened unevenly. Most service departments do not do it correctly. I always loosen and retighten lug nuts myself after service. I have done this since Bendix told me this around 1996. I hsve not had a problem since then.

I know this is only one of your problems, but I thought I would share in case someone else has this problem. it is true for all cars.

People always take baths on trade in of vehicles, especially relatively new ones. The best way to avoid this is to sell the vehicle yourself or on consignment.

Good luck with your Lexus.
The biggest problem I've had in the lug nut area is loose lug nuts - not even finger tightened at times.

Reliability? Haven't had a single problem with my 2015 Genny.

BUT - I never use the sun/moon roof junk on any of my cars because of the known problems - must be 500 posts on this forum alone.