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I had this happen to me last year around this time in the snow, slid a little ABS light came on pedal went to the floor only way to stop was to pump the brakes quickly. After backing up and pumping the brakes several times brakes were fine drove to the dealer to have it checked and they couldn't find anything wrong I showed them a number of online complaints about the same thing and their answer was the car is out of warranty I would have to pay for it out of pocket. Car drove fine until the other day when the brake monster raised it's head again in the snow it seems like whenever the ABS kicks in the brakes go to the floor tried the backing up pumping the brakes didn't work this time so I power braked a few times and bam brakes back to normal. I'm going to order the module and have a mechanic install it....not a good feeling not knowing if your going to be able to stop or not when your running 85+ on the highway.
The HECU failures do manifest themselves when the anti-lock breaking system is used, so I would definitely get the HECU replaced. That is different from the issue above where the brakes are continuously spongy due to needing the brake fluid replaced.

You might "try" to file a case with Hyundai Motor America to see if they will extend the warranty on that, since the early ones (around 2009-2010) had defects in the design of the valves that causes the problem. The HECU was made by Continental.

I would also spend 3 minutes and log your incident at the NHTSA website. This is something that the NHTSA should have issued a complete replacement on, other than the recall they issued to just replace the fluid or to do an external inspection.