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Genesis Forum: Thinking about buying a 2013 3.8
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    Default Thinking about buying a 2013 3.8

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    Hey all,

    I'm looking pretty hard at buying a 2013 3.8 sold locally. It's got about 46,000 miles, so I figure it's got quite a bit of life yet. I've only owned domestics, like Grand Prix's, Bonnevilles, etc. I love the looks of the Genesis, and the power it offers for the price. Only thing is, my wife will be driving it mainly, and she's driven mostly FWD cars. I've read on here quite a bit that all I need is to put a set of Blizzaks or similar, and it should be fine in the winter.

    But overall, just looking for some input.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Thinking about buying a 2013 3.8

    What part of the country are you located??? I mean if you are up "north" where most people get snow tires on rear wheel drive vehicles...then I suspect the same is needed here.
    I have driven my rspec in some snow and light ice and it is fine. With a light/controlled foot on the throttle. Especially once used to how the vehicle responds.
    I will say, no where near as predictable as my previous vehicle - Acura TL front wheel drive in snow/ice.

    Either way you both should love the Genesis!
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    dhall57 is offline Getting familiar with the group... What I drive: 2013 Genesis Cabernet Red Pearl 3.8
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    Default Re: Thinking about buying a 2013 3.8

    Welcome from NC. I bought a 2013 3.8 CPO with tech pkg back in April 2017 with 36,000. Been a great car so far with no issues. The V6 with 333hp will get up and go and has all the power I need. My wife drives the car 99% of the time on loves it and I think yours would to.

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    Default Re: Thinking about buying a 2013 3.8

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    Yes you'll want to get your wife a set of snow tires (Blizzaks, X-ice, etc.). You'll also want to get an extended warranty. These cars are cheap to buy, but expensive to repair.
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