The only way to counter the perception of being a lesser brand is to be "disruptively better" in some respect. The Datsun 240Z is a good example. It was an affordable car that looked kind of like a Ferrari at a time when the Saab Sonnet was the closest thing to an exotic-looking sports car that most buyers could contemplate affording. Quality was abysmal when they first arrived in the US but they drove beautifully by the standards of the day, where quick, fun, sporty, gorgeous, and affordable. That gave them the toe hold they needed. Quality improved. Prices rose. And nearly a half-century later, the Nissan Z is still around.

The G70 isn't disruptively better in any comparable way. It's incrementally better in many ways but that isn't enough for it to go head-to-head with established brands right out of the gate. Aggressive pricing, however, can make it disruptively better, and like the Z, that can lead to continued success down the road by letting the car gain traction in the marketplace.