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Genesis Forum: Protective Film
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Thread: Protective Film

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    Default Re: Protective Film

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    I had standard 3M on 3 Lexus vehicles and Expel on the fourth. Liked it and it keeps the value up on luxury cars. Any chips, dings, and they will hit you hard on trade in value. On my new G 80 I used a product called Sun Tek. Talked to two different installers and they stated it was the best on the market. Easier to install as it stretches better and had the entire front end done and tucked, and the backs of the mirrors. Did a good job. Whether the seam shows is dependent on the color of your car. My G 80 is Patagonia Blue and if you did know it was on there I doubt you would see it. On black and some other dark colors it is more noticeable. I stay away from dealer install and use a highly recommended installer, who deals mainly in high end vehicles. Was doing a Mercedes AMG and a Nissan GT when I brought my car in for install.

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    I just recently purchased a 2015 Genesis sedan and since I haul my golf clubs in the trunk, I decided to get the Hyundai rear bumper protector film. The first place I checked it was $85. Ridiculous. The next place I checked it was $76. Then I found it on sale for $74. I wasn't thrilled at playing this amount for a piece of plastic film. So before I pulled the trigger on a purchase I decided to check Amazon even though they are rarely the cheapest option. They had it for $23. Needless to say since I'm a prime member, it was a no brainer. Just goes to show you never know til you check all options.

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