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Genesis Forum: Cadillac STS vs Genesis 4.6 a brief review
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    Default Cadillac STS vs Genesis 4.6 a brief review

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    Hey All,

    I had the pleasure of spending a week in Clearwater Beach FL with my wife and son over spring break. Rented a 2011 STS at the Tampa airport for the week. It was silver with a grey interior. Enterprise needs to do a way better job of cleaning their cars. Interior was dirty and windows were bad. A very nice looking car but it didn't seem to be as upscale or classy as the Genesis seems to me. Also noticed that it didn't turn any heads like the Genny does back home (but to be fair, alot of wealth in FL saw a lot of nice hardware including an Aston Martin and a RR Phantom so the Caddy could be easily ignored.) Initial impressions were good. Very easy car to drive and it gave me a confident feeling within a few miles. 3.6 liter V6 is rated at 302HP. Very peppy and capable but not as powerful as the 4.6 Genny. Transmission was smooth and the ride was smooth and quiet. It rode on Michelin MX4 tires and I will take a look at these to replace the Dunlops on my Genny. Even with the smooth quiet ride, it handled nicely. Didn't have a drop of rain during our stay (awesome) so I can't speak to the wet road traction. Nice looking gauges with a nice layout. Lots of electronics and buttons in the cabin. I found them to be confusing and could not at a glance tell which buttons controlled which functions. My son had to control the stereo and climate control while I drove. Consumer Reports dings the rating of the Genny 4.6 because it claims that the DIS knob is too complicated, but I have found it simple and in this case way better then the Caddy controls. Climate control was good and the A/C seemed to get cold a little quicker than the Genny. Bose stereo is no match for the Lexicon, not even close. Seats were great, deeper then Genny with more thigh and lateral support. Really my favorite thing about the car. Nowhere near as much room inside or in the trunk as the Genny. Wife and Son felt that the Genny interior was more spacious and comfortable. Outside of the great driver’s seat, I agree. I wonder how the Genny space compares to the big Caddy the DTS (soon to be replaced with their new model). Not as many features built in like the back up camera or navigation (though these options are available). I was impressed with the car overall and I enjoyed driving it, but the bottom line is that the Genny 4.6 is a better car. And if you price an STS with similar features it is 56K compared to 44k for the Genny making it the financial winner too. Good go be back in the Genny, but not so sure about being back in Ohio

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    Default Re: Cadillac STS vs Genesis 4.6 a brief review

    I looked at an STS-V when looking at the Genesis, but the dash was poorly designed for my long legs. Great looking vehicle though. Thanks for the comparison.
    '09 Genesis 4.6 Tech
    '07 Chevy Tahoe 4x4

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    Default Re: Cadillac STS vs Genesis 4.6 a brief review

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    As my signature says, I am currently saving up for (and shopping for) a Genesis. I never even gave american made "luxury" cars a look. I worked for Hyundai in 2008-2010 and LOVED when the Genesis came out. I learned every in an out of the MASSIVE interior. That DIS ball is one of the easiest things to use. I was scaring the crap out of the sales guy by using the DIS, playing with my mirrors and driving with my knee. The Genesis is just that good!

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