Why buy from us?

Hi! I’m Sal, the owner and operator of the Genesis Owners Group. Why buy Genesis products from me? I ship the same day your order comes in up until 9pm eastern time. My local post office keeps their doors opened 24 hours a day and I drop off orders over night for them to scan and ship the following morning. I wait 3 weeks to get my orders shipped from South Korea. You’ll get yours in 2-3 days if you’re in the U.S. or Canada. A couple more in Europe…

Our Genesis badges are shipped to us from Hyundai in South Korea. Where there’s mention of “tabs removed” – this just makes things easier as they’re ready to install as soon as you take them out of the package. There are “tabs” that need to be removed for the first generation (2009-2014) Hyundai Genesis and 2017 Genesis G80 / G90. Everything regarding installation is detailed HERE if you’d like to have a look. Once the tabs have been removed all you need to do is stick the emblem/badge on using the already applied double-sided tape.

PLEASE NOTE: Before obtaining these emblems directly from Hyundai in South Korea – I sourced from various vendors and have found that many of them are NOT genuine OEM badges. The only consistently genuine OEM badges come from Hyundai. UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve been informed that pricing will increase with future shipments – so the current prices will not stay the same for long. Considering some dealerships are selling these pieces installed for $250.00, you can save a lot and help a lot at the same time by purchasing the winged Genesis badges here.

Buying from me also helps pay for server costs, software costs, upgrades to licenses for each of those as well as my time providing support for our members. What kind of support requests do I receive most? Here they are in order of frequency:

  1. I never received my registration verification email.
  2. My password isn’t working.
  3. I forgot my username.
  4. The Captcha answer isn’t working.
  5. The forum rejected registration because my username, email, or ip address matched a spammer.

Here are some examples of what I need to maintain on the back end, in order of frequency:

  1. Massive amounts of spam
  2. Movement of discussions posted in the wrong area
  3. WordPress updates
  4. vBulletin (forum) updates
  5. Plugin/Extension updates for WordPress and vBulletin
  6. Server updates and server software updates
  7. Server issues that I cannot handle myself ($90-150/hour)

Don’t believe anyone who tells you this is a simple, cheap and easy hobby. It isn’t. But when all is said and done – I love it. Buying a badge helps me maintain the site we’ve all grown to love. Thank you very much!