Air Suspension "fix"?


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My 2016 has developed a nasty habit of dropping the front end down to the stops. Been back 3 times to the dealer. Twice with the car still in the extreme low-rider mode (towed both times) and once after it "fixed" itself. I've contacted Hyundai, opened a case #, in regards to the problem and that the dealer is clueless. Dealer has the car now (been a week so far this time) and can't get new front struts until sometime in Jan. 2019 due backordered. I doubt that the struts are the problem and am thinking it's more of an electronics issue since the car works for days/weeks on end and then does it's thing at random. Once down the car does give dashboard warnings and codes are stored in the computer. Also, the high/normal switch function doesn't always raise the car even when the car is maintaining normal road height and otherwise working.


Has anyone had to replace the rear air suspension parts? My equus is sinking down on the rear drivers side. Have done some googling but not for sure which parts I should be looking for. Do they still call them struts on the rear? Where is a good place to get them besides the dealership. Everything for the equus seems hard to find.
Hi The bag is easy to fix you just unhook it and it deflates .
And the new one is easy install . The problem is it won’t inflate itself you have to bring it to a dealer and have put on the computer to get it active again
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