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So no issues with smell or sticky film remaining on the seats? Reviews seem mixed on this stuff. When one says it stinks and one says it smells good, opposing views that must be sifted thru. Price doesn’t bother me if it’s that good.

I love the smell of Leatherique products, to me is a very clean smell the blends well with the smell of leather.

The sticky film is due to people not cleaning off the rejuvenator oil all the way.

For me, it is a 2 day process.
1st day, a good thick coating of the rejuvenator oil. Cover area with a garbage bag or large plastic sheet (hold the moisture in) and in very warm if not hot conditions.
2nd day use the Pristine Clean (a few healthy coats) , wipe the oil away completely.

Let dry and all good. I wear a lot of light colored lace clothing. No issues of the fibers "sticking or pilling" on the seats or other bits.

Hope that helps.



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Thanks for the extra information. I’ll try on my Mazda leather seats first for they are not perforated like the G70 seats are so wax on and wax off should be a little easier.


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Been cleaning Leather & Vinyl interiors for 50+ years and recently found best stuff ever. Was watching Obessed Garage guy on YouTube. Don't care for him but he was using a Leather cleaner made by ColourLock. I ordered a kit from Amazon. Vehicle I was using it on is 9 years old but only has 50K miles with very light colored leather so I ordered the kit suggested by Colourlock for vehicles over 3 years old. Got a bottle of cleaner marked Strong and a Bottle of Treatment. Used a small 3" Leather Brush and the cleaner. Cleaner comes out foamy, scrubbed pretty hard and it was amazing the dirt that came off of what looked like clean leather. Wiped it with clean microfiber then a damp microfiber let it dry overnight and then lightly applied the protectant. Seats honestly look like brand new. Nice Matt look, all the shine that had accumilated over the years is gone.
If you want to watch OG guy use the products check out his video where he details his wifes Raptor. Interior clean was in this series.
I have since bought the kit for new leather vehicles, less than 3 yrs old, for the Genesis and going to use it this week.


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Interior cleaner from Griots garage, no residue left on the surface but cleans most everything on the interior. Lexol for the leather is my choice a few times a year.
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