LED headlight strips as DRL


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
Many thanks to Danemania1 for putting up the diy and the plans for the relay switch and connections to the existing wiring. I just finished this conversion and it worked out great. The whole job took me around 6-7 hours and I spent most of the time on wiring as I suck at this kind of thing and I went extra slow not to mess anything up. I had a friend build the relay switch per danemania1's diagram and it works exactly as he said it would. I still cannot believe the car did not come like this but now I am so glad I did it. Regarding the procedure outlined here, I also was able to do this without removing the headlights. It's a tight squeeze in there to get to the connector inside the headlight housing, but it ended up saving me a bunch of time I think. I had a pretty difficult time inserting the wires into the connector, to add the 12V wire for the LED strip. I first tried to solder the end of the wire, but it ended up too thick and I wasn't able to make a connection. Perhaps the wire I used was a little too thick (16 gauge I think) and I finally had success inserting the bare wire only (no solder). On the other side I had more trouble and ended up using the wire from a paper clip (with a slight bend in it) which sat firmly inside the connector and made contact. This is what I should have done on the other side as I think it has less chance of coming out. I did not zip tie the new wire to the existing wires as I was afraid this would pull it loose. Instead, I superglued the new wire to the existing ones. So far it is holding. I will also say that stripping the rear blinker wires near the fuse panel is a little like brain surgery on a flea. The wires are thin and seemingly fragile to begin with, and stripping the insulation away is a little nerve-wrecking to say the least. Below is the obligatory "after" picture. Happy camper here!

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