Why I bought a G70

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You're doing just fine, Grasshopper! (y)

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I have kids so 2 door sports car is out, so sports sedans are my best bet. I look for value and performance. I usually buy CPO keep for about 3yrs till warranty ends and repeat, dont usually buy new, but G70 value prop won me over.

Here was my checklist of what I waned in the car:
High Performance
Cooled Seats
Android Auto
Reliable/Practical - Hellcat was out haha

Only 2 Cars hit all 3 - Stinger and G70

My LIst started with
Acura TL Aspec - low performance
Infinity Q50 Redsport - no cooled seats or android auto
Lexus IS350 - low performance, no android auto
Audi S4 - to expensive never got around to testing knowing i wouldn't spend $
BMW 340 and 440 grand coupe - no cooled seats, android auto
Kia Stinger gt2 - was tied in 2 slot.
G70 - Winner

I've always wanted BMW but just never pull the trigger due to cost and reliability concerns, every new car cycle its on my list. But because I'm value guy, its always hard to justify them in terms of what you are getting so never pull trigger on them. After driving all the cars and reading reviews and crunching numbers G70 hit every spot. I was almost set on going with Stinger due the great incentives available and dismissed G70 due cost. However the snob in my had some concerns about getting kia among my BMW, Audi circle of friends so kept debating. However I decided to go in for 1 more G70 test drive and they price matched the stinger and went home with it. G70 is truly amazing car, I cant find a single fault and I love that its somewhat rare on the roads still and turns heads. As many have said only sour experience is the hyundia dealership part and of course assuming reliability remains good. I just wish I had more windy scenic roads here :)


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Simple for me...absolutely best vehicle in quality, performance, warranty and post-purchase experience for the money. Hands down.

My story...I am one of the first owners in the USA...

I’m about to get my car...
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