1. Is there real difference between 3.8 and Rspec?

    Owner of a 2012 Genesis Sedan 3.8 blk/blk with tech package. Thinking about trading up to the R-spec - either a late '12 model or '13. I like the R-spec wheels but my question is - Is there a noticeable difference in power between the two (3.8 & R-spec) for driving around town and day to day...
  2. kocyk123

    Looking to buy 2012 3.8 sedan

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and this is my first post in here. I was recently looking into getting myself into 2012 Genesis 3.8. Here is the car that I am interested in: Cargurus - 2012 Genesis 3.8 I haven't got to test drive the car since I wanted to stop by here and ask you guys if there...
  3. 2016 3.8 Sedan passenger heating problem

    Right out of the Box (400 miles), passenger heat stops working. On for a minute, starts blinking and shuts off. Dealer checked out last week. In today, given loaner and now keeping overnight. Had to pull seat and overnighting a 'module'.
  4. Will these 20's fit my 2012 3.8 Sedan?

    Vossen CV1's Fronts: 245/35/20 on 20x9 & 32 offset Rears: 275/35/20 on 20x10.5 & 42 offset And does anyone have any pictures of these on a Genesis Sedan? Preferably black.
  5. Oil change with a Mityvac 2016 3.8

    For those of you who DIY oil changes and using the MityVac canister. Mityvac makes 2 different units, one with a pump and one that uses an air compressor. I have an air compressor and am trying to figure out which unit would be best, given that the price is about the same. It seems so much...
  6. 2016 Genesis sedan brakes 3.8

    I just took delivery of 2016 Genesis sedan 3.8 today. Car drives great, but my concern is while driving around and braking it feels like brakes are not smooth but the steering wheel almost feels like vehicle is going into a like anti-lock or ABS mode. I feel odd like vibration, yet passenger...
  7. Selling my 2012 Genesis 3.8 Trac

    Unfortunately due to some family emergencies that recently came up, I need to sell my car or find someone to take over payments. It's a 2012 Genesis 3.8 Trac white with black leather interior. Has 50,000 miles on it. I owe 23,000 on it if interested let me know. I appreciate it thank you guys!
  8. 2015 Genesis 3.8 AWD Vibration Problems

    Hi All! He is my story: Bought the car, drove to Chicago. I noticed that the car was pulling to the right and felt a vibration in the steering wheel and through the seat (my passengers confirmed it was well). I thought since the car sat at the dealer for 6 or so months I thought too that it...
  9. Curt@MSN

    HUD issue in my brand new 2016 3.8 AWD

    Day #1 with the new Genesis was great! HUD display was flawless and worked as advertised. Day #2 - not so great...the HUD developed two parallel slanted vertical lines running through the middle of the display from the bottom of the projection area to the top of the projection area. I took the...
  10. mky

    2015 Genesis 3.8 vs 5.0

    Hi folks, I test drove both 3.8 and 5.0 base models recently and found that 5.0 is much more powerful in the sense that there is instantaneous power when I press the gas. However, I noticed a second or two lag in 3.8's response. I have driven sonatas and azeras in the past (mostly rental) and...
  11. High Mileage 2009 Sedan 3.8

    I have 126,000 miles on my Genesis, how many miles should I expect to get out of it? What major repairs are common in the next 75,000?
  12. 2015 Genesis 3.8 Engine air flter replacement

    2015 Genesis 3.8 - Want to replace engine air filter. Looks like I will need to remove a structural brace on the right side of the engine compartment. Has nay one done this?
  13. 2016 vs 2015 Genesis 3.8 Sedan -- Differences and Value

    I'm a few days away from likely purchasing a 3.8 '16 Genesis with Tech. I have what I think is a decent quote for $46,000 (all taxes and fees included). I'm looking for the group's thoughts on '16 vs the 2015 version of the car, which dealers seem to have in significant stock here in South...
  14. 18" wheels on 2012 3.8 Track for winter?

    I need to get snow tires for my new (to me) 2012 3.8 Track Coupe. Tire rack seems to believe that I can only get 19" rims, but I'd like to move to 18s if possible to lower the price. What specs (offset, etc.) do I need to look for that will give me the right wheels? And do I need to get offset...
  15. 3.8 liter v-6 forsale

    I have a 3.8 liter engine pulled from a 2010 coupe with 17k miles on it. Car hit a deer and took out the front end radiator. Body shop sold insurance company a new engine and was towed to my dealership. Much to my surprise when I recieved the work order and went to get the car it started right...
  16. 2015 3.8 vs 5.0??

    I was looking at one back in 2014, then I saw the 2015 picture and figure I wait. Now it's the end of 2015, and I finally dragged my feet into the dealership to take a closer look at one. I got to test drive the 5.0 first, then the 3.8. Got some questions for all you current owners out there...
  17. xiaphin

    Differences between non GDI and GDI 3.8 Engine Covers

    Does anybody know if the cover for the 3.8 GDI (12'-14') will fit the non 3.8 GDI (09'-11') engine? If anybody has a picture showing the bottom side of both covers with mounting locations that would be great. Posted this in the how do you take the engine cover off thread but that one is really old.
  18. 2015 Genesis 3.8 RWD Driver's Seat

    This is now our 5th Hyundai. We have three at this time. The Last one was the 2013 Equus - Fantastic! Has anyone other than me and the Sales Team that I bought the car from at Hyundai noticed that the Driver's seat gets lower as you move it back? I am 5' 9.5" in height, as I move the Driver's...
  19. SOLD 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Ultimate For Sale SOLD

    2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Ultimate For Sale (One owner. Only 8,000 miles on it.) Fully loaded, flawless Car. No dents, dings or scratches, always garage kept, all maintenance performed by the dealer. $26,000 OBO. No trades. Call, text, or email. Thanks. (Car is located in Edmond, OK) Ad...
  20. Genesiswannabee

    Snow Tires on 2015 3.8 AWD HTRAC

    Does anyone have any real world driving experience with putting snow tires on a 2015 3.8 AWD Genesis. I am thinking about trading in my 2012 4.6 Genesis and taking my snow tires from my 2012 and putting them on the new AWD Genesis. Does anyone know if they will fit for sure? Dealer said he...
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