1. New 2013 Genesis Coupe UNAVI Navigation System

    UNAVI is proud to introduce our new fully integrated multi-media management navigation system for the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The UNAVI Navigation multi-media management system retains all of the factory features and controls, including iPod/MP3 playback, Bluetooth, Satellite radio, steering...
  2. New 2013 Genesis Coupe owner

    Hey guys! I just bought a new genesis coupe. It is an amazing car. Just wanted to say hi and ask what kind of mods have you guys done to your car. I know I want to get HID lights and and a better audio system eventually.
  3. FS: Stage 3 Genesis coupe part out

    Totaled my car. Sucks. Selling parts. -Brembo calipers (used, slightly scuffed, works absolutely fine) $1,000 -Eibach sway bars (Used for 10K) $300 -Stock turbo (30K miles) $150 -Stock intercooler looks like new (used it ONLY for warranty claim) $100 -Stock alternator (never used bought if for...
  4. Please help

    2010 gen 3.8 automatic with 54k miles please help me out what can be done as far as forced induction on an automatic? Typical intake and exhaust yea i assume thats easy but how about a or two turbos on an auto? Im a boost freak but idk what these blocks or transmissions are built for please help...
  5. FS: 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8 - Denver

    We are sadly selling my wife's beloved Gennie in preparation for a move to Seattle, where we will only need one car. She is silver, 6-speed manual, 42k miles, great shape other than some cosmetics on the front bumper. Here is the craigslist ad:
  6. Hyundai Genesis Coupe vs Infiniti G37

    I like it...
  7. Gunkk

    Tom's Hardware review: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8

    Interesting and in-depth review of the tech in the 3.8 Genny Coup by Tom's Hardware:,3275.html
  8. Gen Coupe racing at WTCC Sonoma on Sept 21-23

    Hi Genesis Fans, We have been developing out US Touring Car Championship (USTCC) Genesis Coupe and improving it at every race. The result has been a podium placement this year and consistent top finishes. More importantly, we have had no DNFs which is why we are sitting in second place in the...
  9. 2013 Coupe 3.8 GT arrivals?

    Hello all, has anyone in Alberta or Canada for that matter, received their 2013 3.8 coupe GT yet? mines been on order since March and I still cannot get a delivery date from the dealer or Hyundai Canada
  10. Rhys Millen Sets New World Record at Pikes Peak in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe Racer
  11. Genesis Coupe 2012 - Headlight Set

    If anyone is interested, I have an extra set of mint condition factory OEM headlights I'm willing to give a great deal on. Upgraded to black bezel headlights 2 weeks after buying the car. Let me know!!
  12. help! Genesis coupe 2.0T

    I got into a car accident, does anyone know a good auto place in houston? =(
  13. help! Genesis coupe 2.0T

    Anyone here know anyone in houston tx that can fix a messed up rear bumper, rear tail lights, and finder damage?
  14. help! Genesis coupe 2.0T

    Hi, my name is Melissa Mendez i just got in a car accident and my insurance is not covering the damages for my car(long story). But now i have to pay for the damages myself. Should i take the car to the dealership or to a less expensive place to fix it? The damages are mainly rear bumper and...
  15. Need Dashboard Help Pls. 2013 Genesis Coupe

    On my 2013 Genesis Coupe. I want to install a GPS on Center of Dash. There appears to be an oval plate on exact center of dash next to windshield. Can that plate be removed? and if so How? If pryed out, where are holding tabs located? Thank you.
  16. 2013 coupe turbo same turbo as the old revisions?

    I read online that the original Coupe turbo's had a TD04-13t installed which maxed out at 10psi. Is the turbo on the 2013 revision the same or different?
  17. 2013 gen coupe 2.0t 1/4 mile time

    Went to pbir last night with my new 2.0t and ran the 1/4 mile Is there a broblem with the b.o.v.? 1st run was a 16.1 at 87mph on 93 octane.On this run I noticed that the boost on the factory gauge bottomed out off the line and then dropped to half.This was after driving 75 miles to get...
  18. TJPark01

    2013 Ford Mustang V6 vs. 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track Test -- Inside Line

    2013 Ford Mustang V6 vs. 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track Test -- Inside Line pvV9KXCLcvA&feature
  19. Coupe wheels on a Sedan?

    I'm expecting delivery of my new 5.0 R-spec sedan soon and a friend has an extra set of 19" wheels from a 3.8 Track coupe. They are both 19" wheels ... but are the offsets and wheel widths the same? If so, I could then have an extra set for all weather tires. Any ideas :grouphug: ??????
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