1. Exhaust steps

    I have a 2013 Hyundai genesis sedan 3.8. I just removed my mufflers and just put straight pipes. So what is the next step to make it sound better
  2. black carbon on exhaust ports

    Hey Guys I was washing my 2012 Genesis sedan and noticed a lot of carbon stains on the interior and exterior of the exhaust ports. Has anyone else noticed thison their Genesis's? I have the v6 version. Thanks
  3. Second Generation FS: Turbo XS GT-Cat-Back Exhaust 2.0T BK1 or BK2

    Hello, I have for sale a Turbo XS GT quad tip cat-back exhaust system. It has around 10k miles and is in good condition, besides a broken hanger which was quoted $35-55 to fix, I have the hanger as well. I am looking to get $200 OBO. It will fit BK1 and BK2, 2010-2014 models that are 2.0T...
  4. WTB or WTT: Borla V8 Exhaust

    Hey folks! I'm interested in purchasing a Borla cat back exhaust for the V8 Genesis Sedan or trading for my existing Dynomax VT system. The current setup sounds great but I wanted to try something a bit louder. Read up on the VT's, they have no drone and are very quiet when cruising but a valve...
  5. Borla Exhaust install

    I'll start my thanking previous posters for the threads related to exhaust systems. Ease of Installation: $48 at the local muffler shop, this tells me it was pretty easy. Sound: it's exactly what I was looking for, low rumble at idle, nice growl under acceleration, really loud at full blast...
  6. Intake and Exhaust clip (Updated)

    Hey guys, I posted a clip a while back from when I pu in my CAI and exhaust for my 2011 3.8 but it was pretty crappy quality. I have put up a better clip as promised, hope you like :) https://youtu.be/gYPGm9tbKSs
  7. 05king

    anyone else getting black exhaust on their bumper

    so our 14' rspec has about 1200 miles on it now and the chrome trim around the bumper is almost totally black and the bumper is now turning black.. Seems like the car is running real rich. Anyone else seen that?
  8. 05king

    What size exhaust is on a 14'Rspec

    is it a 2 1/4" pipe size? Think I am going to weld a couple of resonators on to try to help with the drone with my Magnaflow mufflers.
  9. zielritter

    Exhaust Leak?

    Hi, guys. I've been listening to some of my exhaust clips and there's a noticeably unpleasant sound I'm getting on hard revs, cold or warm, that has me concerned. I've tried listening to some youtube clips of similarly sized engines that have exhaust leaks and I'm somewhat convinced I have...
  10. 2015 Genesis Sedan Exhaust Tips change

    Has anyone tried changing out the exhaust tips on the 2015 Genesis Sedan 3.8L? I like the look of the quad exhaust tips and wanted to know if this has already been attempted or if anyone had any good suggestions.
  11. Custom exhaust tips on 12' 5.0 Rspec

    On the 2012-14 5.0 rspecs exhaust tips are built into the bumper. Are these removable? I want to switch to a quad setup.. I have yet to see this done on 12-14 rspecs..
  12. 2011 Genny sedan with 3.8_Afternarket exhaust???

    I'm at a lose on this. Does anyone know specifically where I can get either a magnaflow or Borla exhaust? I've looked everyplace and no luck. They've got them for the 4.6, which raises the probable stupid question, will the 4.6 exhaust fit on the 3.8? The weather is finally warm in the...
  13. riverat26

    Exhaust cut outs...

    Anybody have a renewed interest in getting this for their Genesis sedan Rspec? I work for a tunnel and can't wait to hear it in there!
  14. Exhaust options for 5.0

    It seems there aren't many options other than the good ol Borla. What else is out there? I bet this engine could sing.
  15. Exhaust question

    Just picked up my genesis today. so far i am loving it, started thinking about mods i want to do to it and all i really want to do is tint the windows. Only thing I am somewhat thinking about is a way to make the exhaust a little bit louder. I want a little more purr, but i dont want it to...
  16. SOLD Magnaflow V8 Exhaust SOLD

    Just removed this from my 2013 R-Spec. I will clean it up before shipping. $650.00 shipped anyplace in the US. Link to Photobucket below. http://s1236.photobucket.com/user/jekylledown/library/Genesis%20Items%20For%20Sale
  17. BStarr119

    SOLD FS DMH Exhaust Cutout kit $750 shipped. SOLD

    Good day, for sale is my set of DMH electric exhaust cutout kit. Included are the DMH exhaust valves welded to test pipes, DMH wireless control unit, nuts/bolts, and the wireless remote. This kit is in 100% working condition. The price is $750 with insured shipping included. If interested please...
  18. Injen SES catback exhaust

    I have a brand new Injen SES catback exhaust for 2010-2014 3.8L $650
  19. Exhaust Diagram for 5.0 V8

    Does anyone have a diagram for the stock exhaust on the 5.0 V8. I might be doing some custom exhaust down the road and want a diagram to see where the cats and resonators are. Any help on this is always appreciated.
  20. Custom exhaust suggestions wanted

    Hello. I've been following this forum for a few years before I picked up my Genesis Sedan. One of my most researched topics has been custom exhausts. I'm unsure between which one I really want. Here are my options I've limited to myself and conditions. *Absolutely no off road pipes*...
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