1. 2010+ Genesis 3.8 exhaust

    CNT V3 exhaust 2.5 inch piping to 3 inch quad tips. Had it on the car for about a year with 10k miles on it. No exhaust leaks comes in the original box with all necessary hardware. Asking 350 shipping at buyers expense. I can provide pictures upon request Eric 845-553-4501
  2. FS:NY CNT V3 Catback exhaust

    I have a CNT V3 catback exhaust 2.5 inch piping to 3 inch quad tips. This fits year model 2010+ With the 3.8 v6 motor. It was on my 2013 for about a year with 10k miles on it. It comes with all necessary gaskets and hardware. Asking $350. Shipping at buyers expense.
  3. performance mods for my new ride

    Any help on what suspension kit and exhaust would be best for my new ride, I want it low and load.
  4. TEASER VIDEO: 5.0 HTRAC Exhaust

    Those of you that know me on here may remember my previous Genesis exhaust setup. It was in your face loud and I'm back at it again. Teaser video of my 5.0 HTRAC exhaust setup. https://www.instagram.com/p/BN8LBeHAy2F/ Link for my Instagram and YouTube in my signature. I still need to upload...
  5. exhaust stain on 2013

    Sorry if this appears elsewhere...I'm new and don't see a search button. My pearl white 2013 Genesis Sedan has a terrible problem with dark exhaust stains over the two exhaust pipes. I've taken it to the dealer twice to ask if it is a common problem...they say no (shocker). ALSO, the clear...
  6. CRSpec

    Custom exhaust build 2012 R-Spec

    Hey guys, I figured I would post my set up here for those that are curious about other options for exhaust builds and sounds. The build that I did was a custom mid-section made with high grade SS. Which is a 2.5" custom X-pipe and secondary cat delete all built into the mid section. The...
  7. First Generation Cat delete and exhaust "leak".

    I have had the MSA cat deletes on for a bit over a month now and am just now getting a video put up. When I put the deletes on I developed (created) an exhaust leak. It is 100% reversible and was wondering what you guys thought. Video on the tube
  8. 15+ 5.0 Gen Exhaust options

    I'm looking to get an aftermarket exhaust but I'd like to get some outside opinions on the matter I'm looking for something to make it sound way meaner. I want to hear that V8 roar Opinions? Thanks so much in advance!
  9. Air Intake and Exhaust

    Hi everyone. So I'm looking to get a cold air intake for a 2013 Genesis 2.0T Base. My understanding you want to make sure the airflow in matches the airflow going out so I'm also looking for an exhaust. I'd like something that's good but won't break the bank. Thanks.
  10. FS: Magnaflow exhaust and MSA cat deletes

    I have the Magnaflow catback exhaust part #15059 for sale. Currently its installed on my 2013 Genesis R-spec. I want to go back to stock. Heres the deal. I need your stock exhaust in exchange for the Magnaflow. I have a price in mind of how I would like to do this but Im open to offers. I...
  11. tmf2004

    Second Generation Rear section exhaust?

    Has anyone else besides Huddleson modified the exhaust? i was thinking of maybe Magnaflow mufflers with dual exits like the stock mufflers.
  12. Borla Exhaust For Sale (09-12)

    Selling a brand new Borla catback exhaust system. Borla Part #140377 for 2009-2012 sedan 4.6 v8. Still in original box, located in NJ. *PICK UP ONLY* $800 OBO
  13. Exhaust

    I have been wanting to replace the stock mufflers on my 2009 Hyundai Genesis. Has anyone have any experience with Borla Exhaust?
  14. Electronic Exhaust cut outs

    Installed finally. Still some tidying up to do but enjoy:
  15. Catback Exhaust

    2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 R- Spec any suggestions on brand of catback exhaust to get?
  16. MSA Axle Back Exhaust System

    Anyone purchased this system? Thoughts, likes, dislikes? Seems like you could simply buy the Magnaflow muffler and have a shop install them for half the price they are asking...
  17. Installed Dynomax Super Turbo 17731 mufflers on my 12 R-Spec

    [Video] Installed Dynomax Super Turbo 17731 mufflers on my 12 R-Spec As the title says... Here's a vid. I don't think the iPhone 6s does it justice. I think it sounds great. Subtle, yet it does the trick. Drone at 65mph and 1800-ish RPM is pretty minimal. Definitely tolerable...
  18. Possible Muffler?

    Hello fellow Genesis owners! This is my first post on this forum so cut me some slack haha. Anyway, I've been conducting some research for the last 3 weeks or so on potential mufflers for my 2013 Genesis coupe 2.0t base. The car is completely stock aside from an intake. I want to get a little...
  19. OEM performance muffler replacement and OEM exhaust diameter

    Hey everyone. I'm still getting a grasp on the aftermarket support for the Genesis Sedan, mainly the R-spec, since I've only had it about a week. I want to get a set of performance mufflers to give it a bit of a rumble, and I've come across a few threads highlighting the Borla Pro XS, Magnaflow...
  20. 2015 5.0 sedan exhaust tips

    Has anyone tried to replace 3.8 exhaust tips with 5.0 sedan exhaust tips? If so who sells replacement tips?
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