1. Can't log-in to

    Hello, I'm frustrated that this is my very first post. I am a brand new member and have been reading a bit about and am anxious to access it. I went through the sign-up process with no problems. At the end, it took me to the log-in page to log in for the first time. When I...
  2. Gunkk no longer free

    Starting 20 December 2013, the (aka will no longer be free and is moving to a paid subscription based service. Accessing the website now will show a little pop-up window stating the same. Get your free info while you can!
  3. Can't connect to

    I tried to sign up at so I could look at the TSB's. It asked for a username, for my name and for an email address. It also required that I agree to the Terms and Conditions, which I did. It did not, however, ask for a password. Then when I tried to sign in, a password is required...
  4. OneFunGenesis Completely Useless

    Is it just me, or is that website completely useless on any modern browser?? I have tried it in chrome...doesn't work. Tried it in firefox...doesn't work. It wants IE or Netscape or some shit like that. What a crock. /rant [EDIT] There's no need for stereotypical insults on these boards.
  5. Interesting find at

    I was browsing the hma service web site: I noticed on the left hand menu there is an entry for "Telematics Information". I have never seen this one before, so maybe it is new. Anyway, I click the link and enter the VIN for my car. I get detailed specs for the car, such as...
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